U.K. Total Confusion over COVID-19?

Johnson governemt and science manipulating the Figures!

One can never put anything past the Johnso government, since his tenure has been nothing more than a string, if not chain of lies?

Now to get the economy going, by magic rather than a miracle the cases being addmitted to hopitals with COVID-19 are falling?

But is this the truth or a clever pack of lies being told to save the NHS, as science informs us those who did not have the jab have been able to build up their immunity to the virus and yet two weeks ago ministers and medics were crying out to make it almost compulsroy to be jabbed?

As this virus spreads it mutates, but with each varient we are told its getting worse, but scientists in the past have said that mutations of any virus means they are weaker than the first?

Everything the media is being told to report is just more confusion and so its no wonder we have such a violent reaction to the lies that are being told and even MP's are being suspended for calling a liar a liar and what is next one has to wonder?

Jacob Zuma!

Insurrection South-African Style?

This week has seen a near collapse of the state in S-Africa, where organised ANC-Zulu rioting and looting was an attempt to bring down the state and cause civil war that would suit Zuma and his co-horts instead of repenting of his corruption and Dictarorship style of Aftican socialism!

But it failed, becuase it is again the poor people who have jobs need to the money for medical expenses and rent, education of their children and many are just lucky to have what they have? The ANC again has showed it selft to not really be for the people, but to line their own pockets at the expense of the poor?

Many black people say that the nation in now worse that it was under the white nationalist rule government of thirty years ago and this reveals much about the nation and the chaos that was coming after the death of the flag bearer Nelson Mandela?

Football thuggery Italy V England!

Did three Black players act ina deliberate Way?

Much controvicy has broken out in the U.K. over the matter, while other nations look on in disgust and England may be thrown out of the European cup and the the world cup may be moved because of the violence and racism?

Despite many east-European countries being no better with their anti-black chanting and neo-nazi signing!

The political debate in the U.K. has started, but despite all that n#may or may not come from it, Europe too has to deal with it and despite much it still exists in the human nature to do it?

Wether it is called banter or not, it is not right and the use of social media to tear down individuals with filth and abuse challenges free speach?

Knife murder out of Control!

London. U.K.

The police say they have issues, but things are never really that bad, but in the last twenty-four hours four young men have died in two multiple stabbing incidents at two locations in the capitol!

When we say multiple stabbings we no longer mean one to six times, but rather fifteen to thrity times, absolute barbaric behaviour has now to ne noted in muder, where the body falls apart from the number of holes in the torso.

Last week incidents in others parts of the country have seen people being stabbed or slashed up to three-hundred times, so we have to ask the question what is happening and why this ammount of violence?

As the British PM and his cabinet make continued unwise descions, it would seem that they remain reluctant to introduce the death penalty and one must say that the words of the former U.S. President to the elected Mayor of London Mr. Khan now have a truth ringing through them?

The rot from Within?

Palestinian Authority Truth!

A great division has come to the fore, between the people and the thuggish leadership of the P.A. over the recent death by the security forces of a critic and this has lead to rioting, if not much more?

But the P.A. will not allow its own people to have their freedom, because during recent protests, even the western pro-Palestinian media was attacked and felt the force of legalised terror so they switched off and ran for the saftey of Israel?

The new coalition government in Israel may be the only way for the Palestinians to have a voice in both Judah-Samaria and the Gaza, if the Hamas and Islamic Jihad will loose their strangle hold on their own people, but if not everything will return to the continued rhetoric of a sobbing moaning nation, that takes the International aid to build more rockets!

'A confused world?

Mixed messaging with COVID-19!

Money is driving sport fixtures and thousands are being let into stadiums, yet people cannot march, protest or party in the streets becuase of lockdown orders and other restrictions?

The world is saying one thing and doing another, many places have not been effected by this mysterious virus and yet in other places there are claims of millions dying?

Will we ever know the real truth as to what is going on, perhaps not in the near future, but rather hundreds of years into the future, if there is anyone left to tell us anything!

Israel new PM same old Enemy?

Israel hits Back!

This strange coalition of parties may not last, but they for now have ended the twelve year reign of Prince Bibi and a new right-wing government will please the people for a time to clear the Palestinians and maybe re-take the Temple Mount something that would really upset and provoke the Muslim world?

But much new things are afoot and the Europeans, Biden and the U.N have a new entitiy to deal with who may never pull with the International community on anything concerning how Isreal deals in the region?

Iran at the same time is talking in Vieena, Austria, but not to the old deal but something new that will suit them to create and atomic weapon designated for the Jews and much will be given for peace, that this deal if it is ever pulled off will be worse than the first one?

The Internet Crash Day?

Is it the Russians, anarchists or Aliens!

Perhaps it is Google who are fed up with having to pay income taxes on their huge profits and rumors that people should drope the Chrome browser?

Perhaps it is just getting to big and it needs to be re-booted for what is coming ahead, such as space connectivity and that data may be stored in other places rather than Earth?

Most of what we clame to be valuable on our computers and in the clouds is infact rubbish, but another possibility is that the face recognition software gathering al those selfies needs to re-calibrate itself so that the deep state can now process all of us who were foolish to get into the Big brother craze?

Aliens might be interested in gathering that data, but one is sure they would be more subtle in doing that and if they are with us, what is the point?


Meeting in Carbis Bay, Cornwall SW-Great Britain.

An interesting place to hold this new G7 summit with its past links and connotations, which I think all in the know, know!

But from this will come the marking out of world events for the next few years from the Pandemic, N-Ireland situation, the Eu, Brexit, Russia, China and Iran and what is what in the middle-East, economic recovery and many other issues?

But nothing really will be achieved, since the last meeting did nothing either and one suspects that Covid did not come out of nowhere?

Meanwhile Space and getting to Mars with a manned mission by Elon Musk is the next big thing, otherwise it is just more going back or following up on what has already been visited at the cost of billions and the continued poverty of the world, aliens or not????

Portuguese colonization Policies

The continued arrogance of Jair Bolsonaro?

Brazil continues to have a very hih death rate and the government is denying human rights to the natives and the former black slaves based on the north-east coat of the country any rights!

It just proves that many colonised nations that have whilte populations have not gron out of their racist attitudes and still see themselve as colonising, what hope do we have in the future to visit other worlds with this attitude?

Denial is a sin and we are all sinners wither we claim to be evangelical christians or not, we cannot excuse ourselves but we must have compassion for all who are weak and all who are in dire straights to get the help and something free for a change!